How is ROHM eliminating ozone-depleting chemicals (ODCS)?
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Various countries around the world have been active in trying to control the use of Ozone Depleting Chemicals (ODCs) by enacting laws as well as by promoting policies such as the "Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete The Ozone Layer." Specifically, the United States passed the Clean Air Act while Japan has ratified the Ozone Protection Act. Efforts are also being made by the European Community (EC) towards the total elimination of ODCs by establishing laws to the same effect. In this vein, ROHM is striving to achieve the goal of eliminating ODCs in the production process.

We hereby certify that substances listed under "Class I and II Ozone Depleting Chemicals" in the table below have never been used in any parts supplied to customers, either in content or in the production process. This includes not only products manufactured in our facilities but in all associated facilities as well.

Regulated Ozone-depleting Chemicals

Class I Substances

Class II Substances

Group I

CFC - 11, CFC - 12, CFC - 113,
CFC - 114, CFC - 115

HCFC-21, HCFC-22, HCFC-31,
HCFC-121, HCFC-122, HCFC-123, HCFC-124, HCFC-131, HCFC-132, HCFC-133, HCFC-141, HCFC-142, HCFC-151, HCFC-221, HCFC-222, HCFC-223, HCFC-224, HCFC-225, HCFC-226, HCFC-231, HCFC-232, HCFC-233, HCFC-234, HCFC-235, HCFC-241, HCFC-242, HCFC-243, HCFC-244, HCFC-251, HCFC-252, HCFC-253, HCFC-261, HCFC-262, HCFC-271

Group II

Halon - 1211. Halon - 1301. Halon - 2402

Group III

CFC - 13, CFC - 111, CFC - 112,
CFC - 211, CFC - 212, CFC - 213,
CFC - 214, CFC - 215, CFC - 216,
CFC - 217

Group IV

Carbon Tetrachloride

Group V

1.1.1. Trichloroethane (Methyl Chloroform)

Methyl Bromide

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